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We know how difficult it is dealing with hearing loss. There are many devices on the market that can help deal with the frustration of minor hearing loss that don’t require costly doctor visits and hospital bills. These alternative devices are called Hearing Amplifiers or PSAP.

Our site is dedicated to helping you make the right choice in finding the best hearing amplifier no matter your level of hearing loss.

Do You Need a Trained Audiologist?

Audiological scientists develop ways to measure and compensate for hearing loss, and for diagnosing neurological diseases. They work directly with patients, often children or elderly people. They play both a clinical role and a managerial development role and are the driving force behind the development of audiology services in many areas. They are members of a multidisciplinary team, usually hospital-based, which is concerned with the identification, diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing and balance disorders.

Fully trained audiological scientists will have a substantial amount of theoretical knowledge about hearing, acoustics and balance, able to critically interpret and report the results of procedures. This knowledge enables the scientist to solve technical problems, and when necessary to develop logical alternatives.

Audiological scientists have background knowledge of the scientific and technical basis which hearing science involves, enabling them to act as coordinator, manager and initiator of service development. American Hearing Laboratories has trained audiologists on staff to serve you and your individual needs.

Get Professional Advice About Your Hearing Loss

If you are suffering from hearing loss, you should seek professional advice from an ENT doctor or a audio specialist at first. Your local hospital or clinic is a great place to start.

Disclaimer: We do not provide any medical advice or guidance. We only provide reviews and opinions on over-the-counter hearing devices available on the market that do not require a doctor’s prescription. You should always discuss any medical condition with a qualified physician and adhere to their advice.

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