Benefits of Costco Hearing Aids

When it comes to hearing aids, it can be conflicting on where exactly to start. Luckily, Costco Wholesale makes the process a bit simpler. Not only do they offer hearing aids, but they offer them at relatively affordable prices and include a lot of benefits with the purchase and searching process as well.

The need for hearing aids is actually a lot more common than what you might initially think. However, did you know that only a meager 20% of adults who experience hearing loss and could benefit from the use of a hearing aid, actually use hearing aids (CBS NEWS)? When you look at the whole picture, that’s a relatively small number for such a vast quantity where there is clearly a demand. So what exactly is the hold up?

Price is a big red flag when it comes to purchasing hearing aids for many. Some hearing aids are priced in the hefty above $4,000 range. In some cases, that is pricier than a car! And even more unfortunately so, most often, insurance companies do not cover the costs associated with the hearing devices. And this is without factoring check-up expenses, tune-ups, and the like.

Luckily however, the answers to one’s prayers may be at your local Costco Wholesale joint. They sell high quality hearing aids at relatively affordable costs. They offer a variety of selections to choose from different brands such as Kirkland, Phonak, Phillips, Resound, and Rexton. Their cheapest model is the Rexton line just at $899.99. The remainder are in the $1,000 range which is still thousands of dollars cheaper than some other hearing aids out on the market that you might be prescribed at your typical ear, nose, and throat doctor. It is understandable that the price even in the $800 bordering $900 range can still be a bit daunting. After all, it is still a hefty sum of cash. You may be tempted to select one of Amazon’s less pricey options. Amazon does sell a variety of hearing aids some being sold for as little as $50 to higher but still cheap prices at $500 and above. However, that is where the Costco line of benefits’ role come into play and make the purchase a whole lot more worthwhile and even ends up saving you money in the long run! That’s right: saving!

Before you settle for a cheap hearing aid on the readily accessible Amazon site at a single tap of your fingertips, consider this. Buying hearing aids from Costco does not just stop or begin with buying. Rather, on the contrary, there is a lot more to the process and as it turns out, in the customers’ favors. Buying a hearing aid from Costco comes with a lot of “frees” — free consultation and hearing test, free follow-ups, free cleanings and maintenance check-ups, free coverage for potential damages and losses that can occur, and free specified warranty durations. And on top of all of those benefits if they were not convincing enough, when you buy a hearing aid from Costco, you are guaranteed satisfaction with their high-quality options. On the contrary with Amazon, you don’t get that same assurance and guarantee that your purchase will be everything that you hope for it to be. After all, it is a lot less personal since you are simply just adding the item to your cart without any consultation, follow-up, etc. On top of that, there is no coverage for damages or losses which means when things go south, the only option is to make another purchase. Lastly, it’s no secret that not everything on the internet is marketed authentically. You may think you are signing up for one thing but what shows up at your doorstep a couple days later may be a whole other story. As for your ear, nose, and throat doctors, typically all consultations come at a charge or boil down to some amount of co-pay. And as mentioned prior, hearing aids are typically not covered by insurance which could mean an expensive hearing aid without the free benefits that you would otherwise be enjoying via your Costco purchase. All in all, Costco seems to be winning when it comes to your best bet at purchasing a hearing aid.

So next time you find yourself in the market for a hearing aid or know of someone looking to do so, consider Costco Wholesale as an option. You may just find yourself thanking yourself over and over in the long run. After all, what are a couple extra dollars now when they save you thousands in the long run? We could all do with an extra bit of cash in our pockets.