Steps to Upgrade Your Hearing Aid

Before you rush out for a new set of hearing aids, consider upgrading your present aids. Although most retail hearing amplifiers locations would prefer to sell you a new set of hearing aids, there are often a number of things that can be done to most hearing aids to improve their results.

Often what people perceive as their hearing getting worse is the performance of their hearing aids decreasing. If you suspect your hearing aid is not functioning up to par, take it to your hearing aid professional for evaluation.

If it is a failing component, such as a weak microphone or speaker, that can be replaced and the aid brought back to its previous condition for much less than the cost of a new hearing aid

If the problem is feedback or loss of sound due to a poor fit, the shell of a hearing aid can be remade to fit better and solve that problem. Ask your hearing professional what they would charge to have the aid re-cased to a new shell which would fit better.

It is possible to take a hearing aid that is several years old and upgrade it to newer technology and better fit for less cost than a new aid. If no one in your area will do this, consider sending it to an audiologist.

You do need to include a copy of your hearing loss, at least one of your hearing aids, and information on what problems you are experiencing with your present hearing aid.

Top Reasons Hearing Aids Need to be Upgraded

Hearing Amplifier for the ElderlyHearing losses change – If the hearing aids are one year or more old, it is very possible there have been changes in hearing that need to be compensated for.

Hearing aids components degrade – Moisture and age effect hearing aid function – microphones get weaker, clarity decreases. Because it is gradual, many people think their hearing is worse when it’s their hearing aid that needs repair or a response change!

Ears change size and shape – Your ear is one of the few parts of your body that continues to grow and change. Often a tighter or better fitting hearing shell can make a dramatic improvement in hearing.

Poor hearing aid results from the start – A hearing aid has sometimes been fit incorrectly from the beginning because of a technician’s mistake, poor communication, a bad initial ear impression, a wrong box checked on the order form, even a computer error.

Improved technology – There have been many improvements in the last few years, especially in circuitry that reduces background noise. Old technology can be replaced with new for dramatic improvements in hearing without the full investment new hearing aids require.

Solutions to Common Problems When Upgrading Your Hearing Aid

The biggest limitation of getting a hearing aid upgraded via the Internet over distance is if there is a fit problem and you need the shell changed. There are a few possibilities to solve that problem:

  1. If you can find a hearing aid dispenser or audiologist to take impressions of your ears for a fee, send that with your hearing aid and be used to correct the fit problem.
  2. Another possibility is to go to a gun show or other place that makes custom noise plugs and ask them to make an impression for you or even noise plugs and send those along with your hearing aids for a new shell. Make sure and ask for impressions with a long canal.
  3. There are places on the internet that sell impression making kits, if you are so inclined or have a family member or friend than can assist you.