Reasons that Make Digital Hearing Aids Necessary

If you’re wondering whether or not a hearing amplifier is necessary, this article will surely help you out. The quick answer is, it depends on a few things. A hearing amplifier is necessary depending on what your hearing loss is and on what type of listening situations you have problems in.

It also depends on your budget and financial situation. The cost of digital and programmable hearing aids are often $1000 to $2000 more than conventional hearing aids. If your hearing aids have the incorrect programming, they might not be any better than a standard hearing amplifier. So it becomes important to work with someone experienced with programming and fine tuning digital hearing aids

Information About Digital Hearing Aids

Are hearing aids necessaryA programmable hearing aid is simply a device which can have its response changed in the dispenser’s office. This can save you from sending it back to the factory for reprogramming. If you need more power, a change in frequency-response, or other changes, the hearing aid fitter can plug a cord into your hearing aid and change it on the spot.

Digital hearing aids are always programmable, but not all programmable hearing aids are true DSP (Digital Signal Processing) hearing aids. A DSP (digital) hearing aid converts the signal received at the microphone into digital format before processing it. A DSP hearing aid, then converts it back to analog before sending the signal to the speaker.

There are many advantages to being able to manipulate the sound while in a digital format. Often times, this gives a great benefit to the user of a digital hearing aid. Whether the advantages justify the extra cost depend on the hearing loss of each individual person. It also depends on their hearing needs, and the type of environments they’re exposed to.

A person who lives alone and only wants hearing aids to hear their television at a lower level so as not to bother their neighbor might do just as well with a hearing amplifier instead. A business person that meets clients for lunch every day at noisy restaurants, should consider a higher-end and more expensive hearing aid.

A Hearing Amplifier is a great alternative to help with intermediate hearing loss and can save you thousands of dollars in doctor visits. Many consider hearing amps to be “Over-the-Counter” hearing aids and can be purchased without a prescription. You can see our reviews of the best selling hearing amplifiers on Amazon.

How to Tell if You Need to Replace your Digital Hearing Aid

You may have been told to buy a programmable aid so that “if your hearing changes, you won’t need to buy a new hearing aid.” Yet, a non-programmable hearing aid can also have its response changed by upgrading it at a full service laboratory such as American Hearing Laboratory. Some laboratories have the equipment to “reprogram” the response of almost any hearing aid, often while you wait.

Instead of plugging a cord into a programming machine, we simply open the aid and make direct changes, such as upgrading hearing aid microphones, resistors, or capacitors to change the response of the aid. We could very possibly be able to upgrade your present hearing aid to work better for you.

Many excellent digital and programmable hearing aids sound great, not because they are programmable, but for other reasons, such as wide dynamic range compression or dual channel compression. These circuit options are sometimes also available in analog instruments, which are often much less expensive.