Acu-Life 5-in-1 Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit

  • Helps prevent costly repairs
  • Works with most types of hearing aids
  • Five tools built into a comfortable, easy to hold, handle
  • Kit includes: Tube and Vent Cleaner, Cleaning Brush, Wax Removal Pick, Battery Door Opener, and Battery Replacement Magnet


Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit

This portable 5-in-1 hearing aid cleaning kit makes it easy to care for your hearing aids at home or on the go. Small compact size fits in purse, briefcase and luggage. This kit includes 5 tools necessary for hearing aid care and maintenance.

  1. Wax removal Brush- Cleans and easily removes wax or debris
  2. Wax Removal Kit- Removes wax from small openings in the hearing aid
  3. Tube & Vent cleaner- Keeps vents clear of wax or debris
  4. Battery door opener- Easily opens the battery door
  5. Battery replacement magnet- Helps to remove and replace the battery

Bonus Feature: Battery storage compartments so batteries are kept safe during cleaning.


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