All-in-1 Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit – Gentle and Effective Hearing Aid Cleaning Brush Thread, 1 Pack of 20 Ready-to-Use Strands – Fine Instrument Cleaners by NanoClean

  • FAST and EFFECTIVE CLEANING WITHOUT DAMAGING YOUR EARPIECE — Its non-metallic material won’t scratch and damage your hearing aid as it carefully and successfully removes wax and debris and absorbs moisture in each pull; safely maintains the hygienic condition of hearing aids when used daily
  • SOFT NYLON CLEANING BRUSH; FLEXIBLE MATERIAL FOR EASY MANEUVERING — Unlike plastic brushes and other cleaning kits that are difficult to maneuver in and around small aids, the NanoClean is a breeze to move whether you have large or small hands
  • REACHES INSIDE SMALL TUBES TO PREVENT WAX BUILDUP — The strand is 10 inches long, which allows it to effectively clean the inside of the little tubes on the inside of your hearing aids; built with stiffened plastic threader on each end that conveniently guides the absorbent brush thread through tubes or vents using NanoClean’s unique “thread-and-pull” action
  • 20 STRANDS IN AN EASY PULL-OUT BOX – Comes in an easy pull-out dispenser box that contains 20 single-use, pre-cut strands for everyday hearing aid cleaning; travel-friendly and suitable for your travel pouches or hearing aid cleaning kits
  • NO NEED FOR ANY OTHER USELESS TOOLS — NanoClean is designed to make cleaning so much easier and less complicated for you. One strand can do the job you need; no need to waste money for other gimmicky tools that you may never use


NanoClean provides a SMART and EFFECTIVE way to clean your hearing aid cleaner with just a thread-and-pull action. It features flexible materials, including a soft nylon brush, that easily moves in and around the small tubes of hearing aids. This simple design helps maintain the hygienic condition of your fine instruments is now made easier, faster and more convenient.

No scratches and safe hearing aid earpiece cleaning: This hearing aid cleaner keeps your hearing aid clean and free of dirt and grime without using abrasive materials that could scratch a and harm your hearing device. Featuring NanoClean Advanced Technology, each hearing aid cleaner thread features a rigid threader that allows you to insert the strand in small holes and a soft nylon brush that safely sweeps away unwanted substances and eliminates moisture.

No need for additional tools for hearing aid care and maintenance: There’s no need for a complicated hearing aid cleaning kit or other cleaning accessories, such as cleaning cloths and brushes; just PULL and THREAD the nylon brush to remove moisture, wax and debris easily and quickly.

Regular cleaning restores optimum performance level your device. NanoClean introduces an effective method for keeping hearing aid vents free of wax and debris.

NO MORE UNNECESSARY SPENDING: Save money by spending less on your hearing aid. USE NanoClean daily to maintain a clear sounding hearing aid and to prolong its quality and performance so you won’t need to buy a new one!

To Use:

1. Guide and insert threader into the vent, tubing, or canal

2. Pull soft, spongy brush through.

Each strand is 25.4cm/10 in in total length


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