Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Ziv-201A Rechargeable Digital Noise Cancelling Small Size (Fit to Either Ear)

  • EASY USE AND COMFORTABLE FEATURE: Banglijian is a professional hearing amplifier manufacturer and seller, which have produced a variety of hearing amplifiers. It designed by audiologist is easy, durable, and comfortable to wear. Note: This PSAP device is not recommended for individuals with severe or profound hearing problem.
  • RECHARGEABLE FEATURE: Our hearing amplifier saves your trouble to buy button batteries frequently. And it is environmental-friendly. It runs with high quality rechargeable lithium battery, Its great battery runs around 20-24 hours continuously after fully charged. It can be charged via USB cable.
  • EXCEPTIONAL FUNCTIONS: Our hearing amplifier has a full digital tone quality for low audio distortion and clearer voice. It also has a noise reduction feature that helps the user hear with maximum clarity. It’s with full digital circuitry and adjustable volume control. There are two process choices for noisy and quiet environment, which is more efficient and practical.
  • GIFT DESIGN: We provide two kinds of Sound Tube (left and right) and ten Ear Domes. The slim sound tube is suitable for people who wear glasses. This item has only one device, by selecting the Sound Tubes and Ear Domes, it can fit either of the ears. We provide the best storage protection. our hearing amplifiers for adults or hearing amplifiers for seniors will be great gifts for your friends or families.
  • QUALITY COMMITMENT: 3 months Hassle Free Return policy, 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty! Add our hearing amplifier to cart now and be you again. 


Banglijian Hearing Amplifiers

Make the Right Choice, Enjoy Your Life Again!


  • Lightweight–only 3.7g
  • Digital Chip–smart noise reduction
  • Prompt tone-clearly know what setting you have it on
  • 2 programs and 5 Volume Levels-adjust to your listening environment
  • One Finger Operation-easily change the volume and program, adjust to your listening environment.
  • Automatic Memory-if the device is turned off, the program and volume selection always remains the same until changed by the user.

What’s in the package?

Package Includes:

  • 1 Banglijian Hearing Amplifier ZIV-201A
  • 2 Slim Sound Tubes and 10 ear domes (one left side and one right side)
  • 3 Thick Sound Tubes and 5 ear domes
  • 1 Shockproof Case
  • 1 Cleaning Brush and 1 Soft Cloth
  • 1 Power Adapter and 1 USB Cable
  • 1 User Manual


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