Best Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit for 2020 | Ultimate Guide & Reviews

Hearing aids are very sensitive and expensive devices. Ideally you want to clean them every day in the morning prior to use. Using a hearing aid cleaning kit can make that much easier and extend the life of your hearing device.

Choosing the best cleaning kit for your hearing aid can sometimes be confusing. You want to get the right type of hearing aid cleaning kit depending on your device.

The main goal to cleaning our hearing device is to get rid of harmful bacteria and germs. Cleaning your hearing device is best done in the morning, before you put them into your ear. This will reduce the amount of germs your ears will be exposed to throughout the day.

Different Types of Hearing Aid Cleaning Kits

There are 2 main types of cleaning kits you will find online. One type removes wax and any physical dirt that has built up on the hearing device. The second type of hearing aid cleaning kit disinfects your device from germs and bacteria using a UV light and heat. You should consider having both types of cleaning kits for best results.

Hearing Aid Disinfectant Devices that Kill Germs and Bacteria

The first type of cleaning kit for hearing aids target the germs and bacteria that can build up on the device from normal use. It uses UV lights and heat to remove 99% of germs within 30 minutes. You can clean your hearing aid before you go to sleep and wake up to a clean device in the morning or during your morning routine before putting them on.

Very much like a toothbrush, that should be replaced every 3 months, our hearing aids also build up germs. Unlike the dirt and earwax that builds up on the hearing device, we can’t see the germs or bacteria. These germs might not affect the performance of the hearing device, but you want to avoid trapping them inside your ears for hours during the day.

Below is a ratings chart showing the best boxes to disinfect your hearing aid.

Top 3 Best Hearing Aid Disinfecting Boxes

ImageProductRatingProduct Link
Quest Perfectdry Hearing Aid Cleaning KitQuest Perfectdry LUX Automatic Hearing Aid UV-C
Disinfecting and Cleaning System
4.3 of 5 Stars
Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Cleaning KitSerene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box4.5 of 5 Stars
IRIVER BLANK Hearing Aid Cleaning KitIRIVER BLANK Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer Dehumidifier and
Electronic Cochlear Dryer
UV-C Disinfecting Sanitizer Holder Drying Box
4.0 of 5 Stars

Manual Cleaning Tools for your Hearing Aid

The other type of cleaning kit consists of small brushes and manual tools to brush off wax and dirt. The brush resembles a toothbrush with soft bristles. This is used to brush away loose dirt or dust that has built up during the day. Cleaning your hearing aid daily will prevent that dirt from being trapped in your ear while you wear your device.

The cleaning kits will also include tools which resemble picks and are used to remove wax that’s stuck in between the joints and small holes of your hearing device. That dirt and wax is the main reason that causes hearing devices to stop performing like they should. Cleaning the small holes as much as possible can improve the sound output and possibly save you from buying a new device too soon.

The ratings chart below compares the best tool kits to clean your hearing aid from wax and dirt.

Top 3 Best Hearing Aid Cleaning Tool Kits

ImageProductRatingProduct Link
Acu-Life 5-in-1 hearing aid cleaning tool kitAcu-Life 5-in-1 Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit4.0 of 5 Stars
All-in-1 Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit-minAll-in-1 Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit
Gentle and Effective Hearing Aid Cleaning Brush Thread
1 Pack of 20 Ready-to-Use Strands – Fine Instrument Cleaners
4.3 of 5 Stars
Universal hearing aid Cleaning SetUniversal Cleaning Set (6 parts) SmartGuard
Wax Protector Cleaning Set
3.5 of 5 Stars

How often should you clean your hearing aid device?

It’s a good habit to keep your hear aid clean from dirt and excess wax to help extend its life and performance. You should always refer to the manufacturer manual before attempting to clean your hearing aid.

Removing dirt and excess ear wax build-up should be done immediately before it damages any internal parts of the hearing device. Try to get into the habit of cleaning your hearing amplifier before putting them on in the morning for best results.

If you have a disinfectant box, you can turn it on when you got to sleep and wear your cleaned hearing aids the following morning to save time.


The best hearing amplifiers can be very expensive and should be cared for as much as possible. Routine cleaning will ensure they last longer and give us the best sound performance without having to replace them too soon.

Here’s a video on how to clean your hearing aid device at home.