Best Hearing Amplifiers for Watching TV | Ultimate Guide & Reviews

It can be annoying trying to watch TV and not being able to hear it very well. This can be caused by many reasons such as old age, illness or not being close enough to the TV to hear it.

Whatever your reason for needing a hearing amplifier for watching TV, finding the best solution can be difficult.

In this article we will go over the best hearing devices we found to help with watching TV. You will also find reviews of the latest models and brands along with their best features.

Best Hearing Amplifiers for Watching TV

1. Avantree HT4189 Wireless Headphones for TV Watching

2. One Bridge Personal Sound Amplifier

3. Maihear Pocket Talker

What to Consider When Shopping for a TV Listening Device

There are several features to look out for when shopping online for the best TV hearing amplifier, some more important than others.

Wireless vs Wired

The most important feature you should consider is whether or not you need a wireless or wired TV listening device. This all depends on the location and distance you will be from the TV.

A wired TV listening hearing amp will provide a better listening experience compared to wireless. You also won’t need to worry about replacing your batteries in the middle of your favorite program or show.

On the other hand, a wireless option may be the way to go if you are not comfortable with having wires on the ground while watching TV. This can be a hazard to others as well as yourself.

Many wireless TV listening devices can serve as double purpose. The most common being the latest Apple Airpods. Apple has designed them to help work hand-and-hand with the latest iPhone to help with hearing impaired.

Check out our full guide to using your Airpods as Hearing aids.

Range and Distance

Figuring out the distance and effective range of your new hearing device is crucial to improve your TV listening experience. You need to measure the furthest distance you will be from your TV and make note of this.

After taking note of the optimal distance, be sure to add another foot or two to account for getting up and out of your chair.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Getting a hearing device with bluetooth will allow you to use it in several applications besides watching TV. Going back to the Airpods we mentioned before, you can use them as headphones to listen to music, making and receiving calls along with many other tasks.

But if you’re only going to use them for watching TV, you may want to skip on getting bluetooth and save your money instead.

Streaming Compatibility

Many of us use streaming online services such as Hulu and Netflix. Be sure to look for a hearing amplifier that’s compatible with online streaming.

Type of Hearing Device (BTE – OTE)

Another major feature to consider before getting a hearing amplifier is how they will fit over your ears. The 2 main types are Over-the-Ear (OTE) and Behind-the-Ear (BTE).

An OTE device provides the best TV listening experience, if you don’t mind its bulky size. They are also less likely to break or get lost.

On the other hand, a BTE device will provide better features and are more portable. You can take them along with you to public places and use them to help improve your hearing at your favorite Movie Theater.