Best Hearing Devices for Hunting | Ultimate Guide & Reviews

We take many precautions when going hunting outdoors. We wear the proper type of camouflage and cover ourselves with sprays to mask our scent. These are great steps to take for avoiding detection by our prey, but you will still be at a disadvantage when comparing an animal’s sense of hearing.

Regardless what you’re hunting, an animal’s sense of hearing is their first line of defense. They can hear and sense the slightest of movement. With today’s technology, a hearing amplifier can give you the same advantage and enhance your sense of hearing while hunting.

Sound amplifiers can help you hear your prey as they approach you in any type of weather. You will be able to take the necessary adjustments to your location to get a better shot before being detected.

But that’s not all!

A good hearing device also needs to be able to protect your hearing from the loud bang of the gunshot.

And with so many brands and types available on the market today, many still ask the question “Which hearing device is best for hunting?”

In this article, we will go over the best types and brands of hearing devices for hunting in 2021.

Best Hearing Devices for Hunting

Walkers Game Ear Razor Slim Muffs “Best Overall”

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We chose this headset by Walker’s Game Ear as the Overall Best Hearing Device for Hunting for several reasons. It provided the best hearing protection and very good sound amplification on the range and in the field.

The Walkers Game Ear company specializes in head gear for gun ranges and outdoor hunting. They have been around for many years and have a very good selection of hearing protection products. These hearing muffs are designed and engineered here in the USA.

The Razor Slim Muffs in our review are ultra-thin, compared to other hearing devices, with soft rubberized cups. The protection is “Sound-Activated” at over 89db and has a 0.02 second reaction time.

They have 2 Omni-Directional Microphones to pick up the slightest noises while hunting outdoors. The volume control has raised ridges to allow for ease of use even with gloves.

Final Thoughts: Walker Game Ear is one of the most trusted names in hunting gear, especially when it comes to their muffs. The Razor Slim Muffs are sleek and modern with all the best features you need for a well-rounded hearing device. It works great at protecting your ears from loud gunshot noise automatically while allowing you to hear low-level sounds clearly.

  • Provides Hearing Protection
  • Amplifies Low-Level Noises
  • Double Omni-Directional Mics
  • Soft Rubberized Cups
  • Available in Camo or Black
  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth

Peltor Sport Tactical 300 “Best for Range and Hunting”

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The next hearing device we found to be great for hunting is by Peltor. It is their Sport Tactical 300 model which provided above average hearing protection from loud gunshot noises while amplifying low-level sounds and speech.

We found the suppression to be almost instant and didn’t notice a delay while on the range. It has a noise reduction rating of 24db which provides protection indoor and outdoor as well.

The Clear Voice Tracking seeks voice and low-level noises from all around you and amplifies it. The microphone is recessed within the body of the muffs to prevent noises while your hunting outdoors.

The Peltor Sport Tactical 300 are very comfortable to wear. They are lightweight and have soft cups. The headband is vented to allow air to flow through and prevent the build-up of sweat on your head.

Peltor also provides a handy storage bag that you can fold the muffs into when not in use. They have a Bluetooth model available here that can be used with a cellphone as well.

Final Thoughts: If you frequently visit the range and do some outdoor hunting, these are the best hearing amplifiers for you. The hearing protection they provide was above average for indoor shooting and allowed you to hear speech in between firing. The recessed microphone was a great feature to reduce wind noise while outdoors and the vented headband keeps you dry when it matters most.

  • 24 db Noise Reduction Rating
  • Dynamic Suppression Timing
  • Clear Voice Tracking
  • Recessed Microphone
  • Vented Headband
  • Not compatible with Bluetooth
  • Only available in black

Howard Leight by Honeywell “Best Sound Amplification”

Howard Leight by Honeywell
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So far we reviewed hearing devices that focused on providing protection while hunting, however, if your main concern is amplification, then these earmuffs are for you!

The Howard Leight series earmuffs by Honeywell focus on amplifying low-level noises and ambient sounds from your surrounding environment. They provide distortion-free amplification of up-to 82 db and instantly block noises above that.

You can order these in a wide range of colors which include Camo, Black, Teal and others. You can connect these muffs to your cell phone and use them as headphones to receive incoming or outgoing calls as well.

Like other major brands in our review, Honeywell makes the Howard Leight muffs in the U.S.A. They are easy to maintain and clean when needed and are foldable for easy storage.

Final Thoughts: If sound enhancement is important to you, than these earmuffs by Honeywell are the way to go. They focus on providing full situational awareness to give you the edge while hunting and provide safe hearing protection while firing.

  • Best Sound Amplification
  • Full Situational Awareness
  • Headphone Functionality
  • 82 db Hearing Protection
  • Available in a Variety of Colors
  • Heavier than other brands
  • Not very soft cups

Walker’s Silencer “Best Earbuds for Hunting”

Walker's Silencer Bluetooth Digital Earbuds
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There are very few Earbuds that are rated for hunting, and Walker’s Game Ear makes the best ones. We will base our review on the Silencer Bluetooth version as they include all the important features we look for in hearing amps while hunting.

Like other Walker’s hearing devices, the Silencer is also engineered and designed in the USA. This model comes with several added features like Bluetooth, rechargeable batteries and can be controlled via an App on your phone.

It provides digital sound amplification and has a Noise Reduction Rating of 23 db. The protection is sound activated within 0.02 seconds. You also get 3 different foam tips to ensure a comfortable fit in your ear.

Final Thoughts: Sometimes having bulky ear muffs while hunting can interfere with our headgear. In that case, earbud hearing amplifiers are best for you. The Silencer model by Walker’s provides very little hearing protection and average amplification. But the added convenient features make it worth it.

  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Smartphone Control
  • Easy to lose
  • Below average hearing protection

ProHear 030 “Best Hearing Protection”

Peltor Sport Tactical 500 “Best Tactical”

What to Look for in the Best Hearing Devices for Hunting

In this section, we will provide you with all the important features to look for in a hearing device to use while hunting.

Directional Microphone

The main reason you will want to use a hearing device while hunting is to enhance your hearing and gain an edge over your prey. The only way to achieve this is to make sure you get the best possible microphone to amplify ambient noises while outdoors.

A high-quality microphone will also be able to filter out wind noise and allow you to pinpoint where an animal is more accurately.

Digital Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

While hunting, it is inevitable that we will fire a gun at some point. The hearing device you use should provide you with protection against the noise from shooting while amplifying low-level noise as well.

A higher NRR level will provide better protection for your hearing. You should aim for a NRR of 82 db or higher with ear muffs and at least 23 db for earbuds.

Comfortable Headband

When hunting, we tend to stay in one place for very long periods of time. Having comfortable gear will help ease the stress on our body and relieve some of that discomfort.

Headbands can also cause sweat to buildup in warm and cold weather. For this reason, you should look for a headband that is made of breathable material or consider earbuds instead.

Earbuds vs Muffs for Hunting

Both types of listening devices are great for hunting, however each have their Pros and Cons.

You will find Earbuds to be more technologically advanced and better compatibility with smartphones. Many are rechargeable and can be controlled via smartphone apps. They are also the best choice if you wear certain headgear that conflicts with muffs.

The downside of earbuds is their size! They are very small and can get lost very easily. They also don’t provide as much hearing protection as earmuffs do.

On the other hand, you can get much better performance from earmuffs. They provide almost twice the amount of hearing protection compared to earbuds.

One of the main issues you will face with earmuffs is their bulky size which can interfere with certain headgear types.


The main reason to use hearing devices while hunting is to gain an advantage over our prey. However you should also consider getting a hearing device that provides protection as well.

In our reviews we found the Walkers Game Ear Razor Slim Muffs to be the best overall hearing device for hunting while the Walker’s Silencer to be the best earbuds.

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