Nano Hearing Aids 2021 Buyer’s Guide

We all know the struggle of hearing problems. Weather it be you or a family member, it isn’t the most easy thing to deal with. There are times when you or your family member can’t even hear you talk, or times where the TV has to be incredibly loud just to be able to hear it.

These are just a select few of the problems that come from hearing problems. We want to help as best as we can, but today hearing aids are just too expensive.

A lot of companies want to charge upwards of tens of thousand dollars or more, but today we have found some affordable hearing aids to auto adjust to your hearing without hearing test required. Nano hearing aids are the hearing aids that have no middle man or ridiculous pricing.

With over 3000 positive reviews, Nano hearing aids are the most high quality, affordable hearing aids on the market that you can find and order today. The following is a breakdown of the best hearing Aids that Nano hearing aids has to offer in their product section.

Nano CIC Hearing Aid

The NANO CIC is the #1 selling hearing aid of all of the Nano hearing aids.

The CICs are lightweight and designed to be practically invisible to anyone around you, as they go straight into your ear like a headphone. The CICs have gotten many positive reviews across the internet, from one person saying it was one of the best investments they’ve ever made, and another person saying they are even better than their $5,000 pair of hearing aids.

The CIC’s come with extra batteries for your hearing aid, a charger, a volume adjustment screwdriver, and a cleaning kit. NANO provides you with everything you need in order for you keep your hearing aids in the best condition possible so they don’t get too dirty, die early, or get lost.

The kit comes with a nice case for the hearing aids to stay in so you don’t have to worry about simply leaving them out on the counter.  These are the cheapest hearing aids Nano has to offer at just $249!


The next inexpensive hearing aid that Nano offers is the RX2000.

These are a little bit different compared to the Nano CIC, rather these are an ear wrap around instead of going straight into the ear.

They are also designed to be turned up and down with a button instead of a screwdriver, which allows for you to do so even when you have the hearing aids on your air, which is very convenient.

Like the NANO CIC, these are good for anyone who has moderate to severe hearing loss, and they are also auto adjustable to anyone’s hearing and is A PERFECT to fit everyone because they include different earbud sizes for all types of ear canal sizes and the receiver fits perfectly inside your ear-canal guaranteed.

These are also rechargeable, 2 hours of charge will get you 16 hours of battery life to your hearing aids! Although they aren’t as small as the NANO CIC, they are just as effective but a little bit more expensive than the CIC, as these are at $397.

Model X

The Model X is one of the most current hearing aids that Nano has came out with as of recently.

The major difference between the Model X and RX2000 and CIC is that the Model X has newer technology such as noise filtering and cancelling technology that makes sure you don’t hear any unnecessary sounds too loudly.

And just like CIC and RX200 the Model X is:

  • Easy to use
  • Tiny size, invisible behind the ear
  • Wire thin receiver tube invisible to the eye
  • Fits ear canal nicely without discomfort
  • Easy to use Up and Down volume buttons
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Frequency controls for unique environments
  • Normal/everyday frequencies
  • Noise Reduction frequencies
  • Television frequencies
  • Feedback Control
  • Automatic Noise Reduction capabilities
  • Automatic Feedback Canceler

These are all in all very high quality but they are indeed a bit more expensive at $497.

Model X2

Lastly, Nano offers the Model X2, which unlike the previous hearing aids that were discussed, has 2 directional microphones in each hearing aid designed to ensure that you hear as best as possible.

One reviewer said they got it for their parents and will never go to a different hearing aid again. Another reviewer said, “Normally, I don’t leave reviews, but I’m really excited but Nano. It worked right out of the box, and now my life is so much better. Everything is more fun – church, hanging out with my grandkids, spending time with my husband.”

However these Model X2 designs are much more expensive than the previous 3, so be weary of your budget; as these cost $697.

Where can I get these?

If you are looking to find where these products are sold, you can any of the above products that were described on their website.

There you will see how much they really cost and the incredible discount you are receiving to help fix your hearing.

You can also find countless amounts of reviews and even video testimonials that are full of positivity and happy people talking about how much better their hearing is. We hope that you are able to find the best hearing aids to solve any hearing problems you may currently have.